Indian Summer

1445268994127So I’m not sure what happened to the summer or the first half of fall. Seems like a dream. Not sure it even all happened, either way here we are…..halfway into fall. Over the last several weeks the temps have been dropping and the leaves have been turning. Friday we had a cold front come through and the rain stripped about half the leaves off the trees. There were little leaf tornadoes all over the road that day.

1445521417263Over the weekend it warmed up some. All next week it will be sunny and pushing 70 thanks to the southern winds that will be blowing up from the south. The first warm air in Autumn after a frost so says wikipedia. I love this time of year up here in Steelers country. Fall festivals everywhere, Cooler temps, Beer, Bonfires, Apple Cider….Steelers Football, more Beer…..whats not to love?

1446415626368Over the last week and a half I have watched flocks of geese fly overhead…..directly overhead. My Brother Jayson said at the first sign of Canadians….head south. I guess Geese count as well. Hmmm… snow yet.

SO what’s been going on?

1445189619493Busy, busy, busy…..been playing a friends guitar that I really really like. I want one. I absolutely fell in love with this guitar.

1444046027701Went to see Tim Woods and Sons at Mr. Toads one night with Gashouse Annie and a few other friends. Had a great time. Crawdad Joe is Awesome! As are the Woods family! Saw this on the brick wall in the men’s room there. Above the men’s urinal of course.

1446171863633My brother Gary sent me this pic the other day. Awesome pic. I saved it as the background on my phone.

So I’m gonna enjoy the next couple of weeks of Indian Summer before old man winter rears his ugly head. Then I’ll be Southbound. Enjoy!


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