images (6)I get allergies at the end of every summer and the last three weeks have been no exception. They last anywhere from a couple of days up to six weeks. Nothing really works except Claritin D and that is a trade off because I can breathe but mentally I’m a zombie. And the ragweed is everywhere here in Western PA. The good news is that for the last three days they have not been too bad. So hopefully they will subside from here on out.

It has been all I could do to get through the days and the gigs I had. Keeping up with anything else like this blog and my website was too much. I need to modify my diet and nutrition throughout the rest of the year. I did that one year and it helped tremendously. Reduced the length and severity greatly.

  1. Eliminating dairy is one. My biggest problems here are the creamer in my daily coffee regimen and pizza. I am addicted to my daily starbucks fix. I’ll have to switch to a non-dairy creamer. And I just can’t eleiminate pizza from my life. I don’t eat it that often but love a good pizza. Just have to reduce consumption or eliminate it before and during Ragweed season.
  2. Eating local honey is another.  I used to eat local honey all through the year anyway I could. I put it in everything I could. Bagels, breads, and sauces instead of sugar. have to get back to that.
  3. Supplements are another. Butterbur, Fish oil, Quercitin Bromelain and Freeze dried Stinging Nettle all help reduce symptoms.
  4. Citrus, Fruits, Salmon, Walnuts and flaxseed also help. Need more of those.

So this week we will be trying to get back on track and hopefully the allergies will cooperate.download (1)Thanks for supporting me on My Blues Americana Adventure.



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