Last Week’s Gigs

It was a busy week.10420387_849350078441585_163831630155531413_n

Tuesday night found me back at Blush Sports Bar at Shari Richards open stage with Max Woodall, Joe Munroe, Antone, and Larry Manganero. I got to play a few Blues tunes with Shari, man can she sing.

11890000_10204845459835832_129131821642840429_oWednesday I played a benefit fundraiser for The West Penn Trail Association at Speal’s Tavern. I played five songs on my Resonator solo and then got Chris Volpe and Lauren Condon up to play some songs together. Then I was joined by Joe Neidlazowski on bass, Emil Herby on Guitar, and Chris Volpe on trumpet. That was a lot of fun. We ran through a blues set that was kind of like an unplugged set although we were all playing electrics.

11873511_10204834166834587_3421410202890750334_n 11892103_10204834166634582_5275433472229634230_n 11891143_10204834167114594_6854265661536984329_n 11898935_10204834168034617_7334268660222316066_n11887874_10204834168914639_2071715360471208733_n

Friday I played with Angry Johnny Stangry and his CRS band, Joe Cunningham on Drums and Jack on Bass. It was good to play with these guys again, I had a lot of fun.


Thanks to Joe Niedzalkoski and Mary Ann Maxwell for the photos.

“You have to have lived the Blues to play the Blues”   Harry “Sweets” Edsion

Uncle Jay says, “Cheers Brother! The Beer’s Cold!”

That’s all I’ve got…….

Thanks for supporting me on My Blues Americana Journey!



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