Blues Jammin’

1437843154384This past Thursday I went to the Blues Night Jam in Irwin at The Colonial Grille Taproom. Hosted by Dave Erny and Kenny Blake, it also featured Lou Franconi on drums and Larry Siefers on keys. Man what a band. Lou is an incredible drummer and Larry sounds a lot like Leon Russell and Dr. John. 1437697587417They played an absolutely incredible first set before they started getting guests up. These guys are seasoned veterans. Just amazing! I got to play with my new bass player friend Larry Manganaro and Kenny Blake on sax. Truly an experience to sit in with these seasoned musicians. My blues slinger buddy Randall Troy was there as well and we shared a few laughs. We didn’t get to jam together but hopefully we’ll get to do that soon.

0725151252Saturday afternoon I joined my good friend Gashouse Annie at The Greendance Winery in Mt. Pleasant. It was a beautiful day out in the country and we had a good time. 1438026153576I left from the gig there and drove to Pittsburgh to pick up my bass player buddy Max who was having some transportation issues and we headed down the highway to Johnstown for the VOMA Blues Gathering. It’s a monthly Blues show where they invite regional Blues Musicians to perform together for the evening. Usually the musicians have not performed together so it’s always interesting. No set list, no rehearsal, just throw a group of Blues Musicians together and see what comes out of the mix.

0729151936Well that was the week before and I never got to finish blogging last weekend. Just ran out of time. I went to The R Bar in Dormont on Wednesday for their Blues Jam which featured Craig King on guitar, Twizzy Thornhill on drums and my friend Max Woodall on bass. Boy they are one tight group. And Craig King is one hell of an entertainer. I got to sit in with Max and a few other players. Debi Quinten Hodill(The Owner) took a video you can see here: Video.0729152058 There were a lot of talented musicians there that night. Billy The Kid, Ubrei Bey, Josh Mineer, Stevee, Mr. B. and Billy Bass Nelson(A member of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame). I also had a really nice conversation with Shari Richards who I met a few weeks ago at her Blush open jam. It was a great night.

Friday I went to Speal’s Blues Jam hosted by Tom Bielak And The Sharks. Angry Johnny Stangry showed up and it was good to see him. First time since I’ve been back. Had a good time jammin with Tom and the Sharks.

Saturday I went to Sammy Brant’s studio to lay down some lead guitar tracks on a collaborative Singer-Songwriter CD Project he is working on. That was fun. A lot of great songs on the CD. Then I was off to a private party with Gashouse Annie. We had a lot of guest musicians sit in with us. We closed out the night with All along the Watchtower and The House Of The Rising Sun. Joined by Diane Cipa and Pete Zecora, Gashouse Annie said it sounded like Woodstock. She sounds like Janis Joplin, Diane sounded like Joan Baez, Pete sings like Bob Dylan, and she said I sounded like Jimi Hendrix on guitar. It was a lot of fun.

So as my Soul Sister says, “Blues On My Blues Brother and Sisters.”

Thanks for supporting me on My Blues Americana Journey!



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