A Week In The Pittsburgh Music Scene……….

It was a busy week exploring The Pittsburgh Music Scene. I went to some new places and met some new faces, went to some old places and saw some familiar faces.

10420387_849350078441585_163831630155531413_nTuesday night I went to an open stage at The Blush Sports Bar in downtown Pittsburgh hosted by Shari Richards and her band. Had a good time and met some new friends. It was a pleasure to meet and play with Shari and her band. A bunch of very talented musicians. I also met Larry Manganaro, a bass player, we got to jam on a couple of tunes. Great night!

11412420_917105828331468_2567136157672434973_nWednesday night I went to The Steel City Steakhouse open jam hosted by Gil Snyder and featuring The Band Duquesne Slag. Gil was sick that night and couldn’t make it. I have played with Gil a few times at Speal’s and he is one heck of a Blues keyboard player and frontman. I got to play with Dave Blake on Drums, Brian DeHass on Guitar(both from Duquesne Slag), and my new friend Larry Manganaro on Bass. Had a good time and I’ll definitely be back to jam with Duquesne Slag. Personally I think these guys rock!

11179944_873016926107170_2470571207429141160_nThursday night I went back to my roots.( Read more about that here:Why I Love Speal’s Tavern)  I went to Speal’s Tavern’s Acoustic Open Mic hosted by Chris Volpe. It was really good to see Chris and the Thursday night regulars again. I haven’t been to a Thursday night there in over a year. I pretty much played all night with almost everyone there. We played til midnite and it felt good! And boy have I missed Dar’s Tacos!  Although I was a little disappointed that Chris forgot his horn and I didn’t get my fix of Resonator Blues with a side of Trumpet. Maybe this coming week.


Friday Night I went back to Speal’s for the Friday night Blues Jam emceed by Kenny Skovenski. This week it was hosted by my good Friends TK and George with their band Black Cat Moan. It was so good to see Black Cat Moan play again. These guys are awesome. New Vintage Blues. TK reminds me of a cross between Jim Morrison and Jack White of the White Stripes. You just never know what he’s gonna do to push the envelope. George plays incredible finger-pickin old school delta blues. Not many people play like that anymore and it is always something to watch. I got to play a couple of songs with Kenny on Drums, Joe Niedslakowski on Bass, Jim Berger on keys, Cordie on Congas, and Nate from Cosmic Blues Attack on Sax. We did a killer version of Thrill Is Gone. Man that was good for the soul. I think that was the best I’ve played and sang in a while.1234376_10204632387350226_6650210158878061321_n

Sunday I played a private party with Gashouse Annie. Had a good time, met some new people and ate some awesome food. I was so stuffed when we left. We both got huge amounts of leftovers to take home. It was a good way to end a busy week of networking and playing.

So what’s on the agenda this week. Not so much running this week. I’ve got three gigs next weekend as well as showing up at Speal’s Friday night for the Blues Jam. I’m going to be spending most of this week practicing for my gigs and working on some songwriting.

So that’s all I’ve got.

I hope you have a good week!

Thanks for supporting me on My Blues Americana Journey!




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