I Love Speal’s Tavern!

I know what you’re thinking…..you’ve already wrote about Speal’s in your blog post: Why I Love Speal’s Tavern. But I had such a good time Friday night at Speal’s, I had to write about it.

11665412_870643753011154_4078556693919774660_nI made it to Speal’s on Friday for the first time since I came back to Steeler’s Country. Kenny was out of town so Joe Rindt filled in as Emcee for the night. Randall Troy was the host with Max Woodall on bass, Dennis Ondrusek on keys, and the unknown drummer(for the life of me I can’t remember his name).11229300_870643783011151_5322258205841858249_n

11251775_870643849677811_3066717485221896388_nI got there a bit early and there were already a few familiar faces there. They were happy to see me and everybody gave me a hug, welcomed me home, and said they were glad to see me. It was really good to see everybody. When Randall saw me he asked if I had brought my gear. I said of course and he asked me to set up so I could sit in with them on the first set. It turned into pretty much all night. I love playing with Randall Troy. He is such a phenomenal guitar player and entertainer. Blues Man Extraordinaire!11253221_870644126344450_5063764404193933391_n

11009839_870643996344463_3867639151555251839_nVince Adams(Trumpet) and Jean Peterson(Sax) came up as well. It was such a good night of playing. Randall and his band really tore it up. I was really happy they asked me up. All the music and the other musicians were awesome. It was a perfect night to have gone back home to Speal’s. We didn’t stop playing til 2 AM and my ears were bleeding all the way home. It did get a little loud. But man it was good for the soul! Nothing like Blues Night at Speal’s! Somebody took some videos and I’ll post them when I see them.

The Motel Sessions FrontI talked to a few of the guys about “The Motel Sessions” CD and the possibility of using them in the studio. Vince Adams does transcription services, so we are talking about getting him to handle transcribing the music for the publishing and copyrights. I did get a couple of studio recommendations and a line on a couple of blues jams this coming week.

I also heard from my Blues Brother TK and booked the 24th of July in Johnstown at VOMA for the monthly Blues Gathering. I’ll post more details on my site as I find them out.

So here’s the tentative schedule for this week:

Tues. – Blues Jam in Pittsburgh(Gotta get with Max….don’t remember the venue name)

Weds. – Blues jam at The Steel City Steakhouse in Monroeville

Thurs. – Gotta go to Speal’s acoustic night and see my old friend Chris Volpe!

Friday – Speal’s Blues Night again!

No gigs this week but you can catch me at these other venues.

I hope you have a good week!

And as my Blues Sister Tammy says: Blues on!

And thanks for supporting me on My Blues Americana Journey!




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