The Motel Sessions

Video 3 0 01 51-16The idea for “The Motel Sessions” CD started about three years ago in my first apartment. Recently separated, I had started to perform again at Speal’s Tavern’s Open mic which I wrote about in the blog post “Why I Love Speal’s Tavern”. I took some pictures in the apartment to use as promo pics for my website, business cards, etc. and I had also started writing a few songs about recent events in my personal life. I liked the pics and thought about the motel I stayed in for ten days before I got the apartment. I played around with the artwork and came up with “The Motel Sessions” as a title. I was really liking the look and feel of the whole idea.

Video 3 0 02 20-09Over the past three years I’ve lived in eight different places and my stuff has been in and out of storage five times. Well actually it’s in storage again now. Anyway the Motel Sessions perfectly describes my life the last three years. I started writing the songs in a motel room and thought initially I might try to record some things there but that didn’t work out. It’s been a period of transition for me and the songs I’ve been working on reflect that. I am still in the process of working through this period although I feel I am coming to the end of it. The process of writing this CD has been cathartic for me and the whole recording process should be as well. I think that getting this project done will be the final step in finally moving forward. That’s what “The Motel Sessions” CD is all about.

The Motel SessionsHere’s the initial song list for the CD:

  1. In A Perfect World
  2. Motel Hell
  3. I’m So Lonesome
  4. Look At What You’ve Done
  5. Nawlins’
  6. Mercy Mercy Sister Mercy
  7. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  8. Gulf Coast Bound
  9. I’m So Glad
  10. Southern Winds
  11. Stormy Skies
  12. South Side Of Town
  13. I’m Gonna Get Lost In The Blues
  14. Little People
  15. Just Passin’ Through
  16. Mississippi Mae
  17. Lillian Lea
  18. All My Love (Was In Vain)
  19. Good Love Gone Bad
  20. Well Bye Bye Baby
  21. Love You Even More
  22. Troubled ‘Bout A Woman
  23. Grinnin’ In Your Face

I’ll be blogging about the process of writing the songs and their meanings, as well as the selection process for which songs actually make it on the CD. I know right now a couple of them won’t be making it. They just don’t fit this mold stylistically or in their content. I’ll have to have professional pics taken for the CD . These were a good idea but the quality is not good enough. I think the back cover should be of all the musicians I use posing together with the same background as the front, wherever that is. I can’t do it in that apartment as I’m no longer there. I’ll have to find another location. Anyone in the Pittsburgh area keep an eye out for locations similar to the pics you see here. See something you think might work, let me know.

I already have a photographer in mind. He has taken photos for me before and his work is awesome! I have yet to talk to him about this project so we won’t reveal his name just yet. I also have to figure out the musician line-up and which studio to record in. I’ll be doing that over the next couple of weeks.

The Motel Sessions CD and the previously mentioned songs are the property of Bobby Guitar Martin (C)2015.

(With the exception of “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” and”Grinnin In Your Face”)

(Possible cover songs by The Clash and Son House)

Thanks for supporting me on My Blues Americana Journey!



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