Random thoughts……..

Just a couple of random thoughts this week………answers to questions I’ve been asked.

1)What is a blog?

Blog is short for Weblog, basically a journal online.

2) And why do you blog?

I started this blog for a couple of reasons. To write about and work through the past, to document the journey moving forward, and to get disciplined about writing by having a weekly post deadline.

3) What is the name of your blog?

My Blues Americana Journey

4) How do you write songs?

Typically I sit down with my Martin acoustic and start playing around. A lot of times something will come of it, sometimes nothing. I bought a Tascam dr-7 to capture ideas as they happen. dr-07mk2_frontI’ve lost a lot of good ideas in the past without it. Now when I sit down I’m armed with a spiral notebook, a pencil, and the DR-7 ready to record. I usually come up with a title Idea, and then a chorus built around the title, and then the verses. Or I’ll get an idea musically like a chord progression, a riff, or a melody. That will usually inspire a phrase or a title idea that will lead to a chorus. In rare occasions I will wake up after having dreamt of a song. The trick with that is getting up right away and trying to convert what you heard or saw in the dream to reality on a guitar quickly. I’ve lost what I thought were a few good ideas this way.

5) Do you rhyme all your lyrics?

Usually but not always. Typically the last word of the 2nd and 4th lines rhyme.The Motel Sessions

In transition

not talking about lenses

In arbitration

couldn’t mend the fences

The first four lines of “Motel Hell” from my new CD “The Motel Sessions”

(C) Bobby Martin 2015

6) How long does it take to write a song?

Anywhere from an hour to a lifetime. I have songs that came together very quickly, and I have songs that are still in the process. I am constantly tweaking songs. This one needs a bridge here, or this one needs the second verse re-written because it’s just not right, etc. You really have to work at them, mold them over time to get them just right. Work out all the bugs. “Motel Hell” I started writing two years ago. But I couldn’t remember the exact riff I played when I first wrote it(Back before the tascam investment). So last week I was trying to get the rhythm right and it just wasn’t working. I was playing it in G and thought,”What if it was g minor instead…..”. That worked and it went really well with the Eb and D9 turn around. And the bridge popped out from the g minor as well. Just changing it from G to g minor made everything fall into place. I have the music structure all worked out now but still have to finish the bridge and second verse lyrics.

7) Is time travel fun?

It can be…..I just got home from seeing some old friends I have not seen in decades. It does take you back in time, hence the time travel reference. I did enjoy seeing them. Would like to see them on a more regular basis than every other decade. In the last couple of months I have seen 9 friends I have not seen in a very long time. It’s always good to see old friends but it does make you wonder what the future holds.

8) What’s a three percenter?

Read last week’s blog post here: Three Percenter

9) Are you performing soon?shirley2

Yes. I have just confirmed dates in Pittsburgh with “Gashouse Annie“. More to come as they are confirmed. Keep checking the calendar on my website here: www.bobbyguitarmartin.com/calendar/

10) Are you done yet?

Yes, I am quite done with this post for this week.

Thanks for supporting me on my Blues Americana Journey!




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